Hello, my name is Brad, and biking is a long time passion.

Along with this love for biking comes a desire to teach new riders the fundamentals to excel in their new sport, or to show already accomplished riders a good time.

I have 20 plus years of mountain biking experience and I am a level 2 PMBI certified instructor.
Biking is not just a hobby for me, it is a lifestyle.

Mountain bike riding is more than just exercise. It is a great day in beautiful forests with friends; building camaraderie and memories.
Enjoying fresh air and the sounds that can only be heard in nature, it could be an endorphin high, or an adrenaline high, as you push yourself to new challenges and personal limits.
A great part of mountain biking is that the rider chooses what they wish to ride by trail choice. This ensures it is always the choice of the rider about when to move on to new and more difficult challenges for oneself.

Mountain biking is fun, and good for your health; both mentally and physically.

To better understand the difference between what the PMBIA level 1 instructor vs. what the PMBIA level 2 and level 3 instructors can teach, along with which level of instruction is right for your learning needs or desires.
Then please visit the post entitled “PMBIA certification explained” and/or “Choosing an Instructor”.

Be rad mountain biking!