With all the programs and bike instructors that are out there now, here are some things to consider when deciding which is the right instructor or program for you and your learning desires.

While each instructor will be a bit different in their approach, as we are all human and we have our own styles, the adoption of a uniform standard through the PMBIA certification program has helped to ensure that all instructors with PMBIA certification will offer similar proven teaching methods.

Seeing that an instructor is PMBIA certified is a good start to knowing that you are getting taught by someone that has been trained by the now accepted standard for mountain bike instructing, but did you know the PMBIA instructors have different levels?

The PMBIA instructors rating goes on a number system between
1 and 3.

PMBIA level 1, is an instructor that is capable of teaching riders of a beginner to intermediate skill level.
PMBIA level 2, is an instructor that is also capable of teaching the beginner to intermediate range, and is trained to teach to the level of advanced riders.
PMBIA level 3, is an instructor that is capable of offering a coaching program, usually over a much longer term, for the serious mountain bike athlete.

If you have already achieved a riding level that is beyond the beginner stage, then you should certainly seek out a program that offers PMBIA level 2 certified instructors.

If you are a mountain bike athlete with more serious aspirations, like elite level racing, then a PMBIA level 3 instructor would most likely be suited to your advanced training needs.

For a more detailed explanation of  the actual skills taught within each PMBIA level, please see the post “PMBIA certification explained”.

Last, and certainly not least.
In addition to knowing that an instructor is properly trained, an instructors personality can go a long way in helping you achieve your learning desires. Each of us enjoy different personality types, so it also can help in your decision if you have a chance to chat with your potential instructor before you book.

Regardless of the program or instructor you choose, be sure to have fun and..

Be rad mountain biking!


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