With summer being at it’s end, so too is my seasonal freelance work nearing an end, all of which being possible of course, due to the versatility of my traveling bedroom, can I say #delicaliving even though I do not twitter??

Spring right through until fall this year was very fun and interesting. With lots of biking, dry hot weather and too many days of heavy smoke. Some of the highlights were the many visit days with the Gibson and Griffiths clan.
My season began on the Sunshine Coast in late April, then up to Whistler in mid May for a summer of instructing with Whistler Mountain bike park and working with long time friend RB, and his business partner Thomas, at Coastal Culture in Whistler’s Creekside.
Which brings me to present in this fall season..

After 24 years of riding mountain bike trails, an interesting thing happened. I got involved in actually building a mountain bike trail. Yes, it is true.
It is amazing to actually see how much work goes into different sections of trail.
An area that took 3-4 solid days to build, often turns into 3-4 seconds of riding time on that part of the trail.

There is a real sense of accomplishment after each days work, as we walk the trail at the end of the day to see the progress that was made. Some days almost a kilometer of trail is made. On other days, with more difficult terrain, perhaps only 50 to 100 meters is made.
I most enjoy riding the new sections and getting a feel for the “flow” that each new section offers.

So, what exactly is trail building like?
Well, the closest thing I have done to trail building before this venture was landscaping. To me this is what trail building is like. It is landscaping with little concern for the aesthetics of the final product. Ok, well maybe a small concern for aesthetics.

I must say that sleeping at night is never an issue while doing this work. After eating dinner on day two I think I made it until 8pm before passing out until 7am the next morning. Yep, that is 11 hours of sleeping, and I do not recall waking up at all through the night.
So for anyone suffering from insomnia, maybe trail building is the prescription..






Pictures of the traveling bedroom and the current views from my “bedroom”..

Be rad mountain biking!


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