A great day was had by many out on the trails in the Kananaskis region on Sunday September 17th.
It was great to see a full parking lot out at station flats and people riding on all the different trails that Moose Mountain has to offer.
My girlfriend and I met up with some new friends outside of Cycle 22X before the ride. No ride would be complete without a quick step in to the coffee shop before we headed for the trail head out at Moose Mountain. The temperature for riding was perfect, as fall weather typically provides. It was a great time out in the woods, as anyone familiar with “race of spades” knows, you get a bit of everything on that trail. And of course, some nice photos near the end of the ride..








Thanks for the great ride Bryan, Dave and Jodi


As is often the case, when out biking, I met some great people while out on the trails as well.
A big thanks to Chris, who took some time out to film me riding a feature on “Race of Spades”, he was then kind enough to email it to me. 🙂

Thanks again for the video Chris.
Congrats to all those that were got out and enjoyed the trails on this beautiful fall day!
I look forward to seeing more happy faces on the growing numbers of riders that are mountain biking, getting out on the trails and supporting their local trail societies.

Be rad mountain biking!



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