Said a final goodbye to a close friend and favorite biking partner on the weekend. 😢
Many memories were shared with the friends in attendance into the wee hours.

It was a good turn out for Jason’s memorial last weekend.
It was great to hear many of the funny stories of the early years of competitive Flatland BMX life, with some of the guys that were there in the early days with Jay, right up to the late 90’s X game competitions, before retirement from competitive riding.

On this day the good times were remembered and time was spent dissecting what went wrong.. If maybe we could have helped to avoid this outcome.
In all our questions, the answer remained the same, in the end what’s done is done and life will keep moving forward, with another friend left behind..

As I live longer and see more people go, I come to the stark realization that each of us will drop from this reality, yet this reality will just keep moving forward, unabated. Friends and loved ones are affected by the death of those around us, but “life” for those left behind just continues forward until the time comes that it is our turn to go. Most individual life accomplishments seem to have little lasting significance in the bigger picture, over time.
Perhaps I am sounding like what the Tragically hip meant in the song “Inevitability of death” when saying, “I thought you beat the inevitability of death to death just a little bit”..
But maybe, as the Hip also sang, “we don’t go to hell, just the memories of us do”..
“and if you go to hell, I’ll still remember you”..

So in my pondering, it seems to me, that when we go, we live on in the memories of those that knew us, loved us, and enjoyed the good times and the bad with us.
We live on in whichever way each individual recalls their memories of us, until the day that those memory holders themselves also become memories..



We each wrote something on our balloon, before releasing them into the sky..
Mine said, Bop! Bop!, which was a favorite saying of Jay’s after someone in the crew did something awesome..




I will remember you…





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