My Story

Hello, my name is Brad.
I am a Level 2 certified Professional Mountain Bike Instructor (PMBI) with hundreds of hours of instruction experience in mountain bike resorts, along with over 25 years of personal mountain biking participation in various disciplines.
I have instructed downhill mountain biking professionally in both one on one and group lesson environments to people of all abilities, gender and age; while they visited the resorts of Fernie B.C. or Whistler B.C..
People came from a variety of cities and towns across North American and International destinations. Some resort guests had previous experience on mountain bikes and wished to learn skills to advance to jumping and technical terrain navigation; while other participants had never been on a bike in a mountain setting in their life.

My own passion for mountain biking began back in 1994, when a friend lent me a bike and got me to come out to try some “real” mountain biking.
The whole experience of heading out into the forest, the anticipation of the trail; the moment the rubber rolled along the dirt, I immediately knew I was hooked.
Many years of mountain biking, in many locations, since then has provided me a broad range of riding skills and introduced me to many great people from diverse backgrounds over those many years.

As a level 2 Professional Mountain Bike Instructors Association (PMBIA) certified instructor:
I am able to teach and develop skills for beginner, novice and advanced riders.
A strong focus is given to the Six Skills of riding during the lesson(s), to ensure a deeper understanding of the physics, skills and bio-mechanics involved in riding.
Using the PMBIA “Six Skill System”; students will learn how to safely develop the technical skills from beginner ability through to advanced ability “black diamond” terrain; such as, technical terrain, aggressive cornering techniques, navigate steeps through advanced braking development and building skills to perform drops, jumps and rollovers with confidence.

If you feel deficient in any of the skills listed above and feel this has been hampering your progression, then consider booking a ride together so you can gain those necessary skills.
Together we will conquer that fear and instill confidence in your mountain biking.

In my case, I really never expected any of the life changing benefits and experiences that would come to me when I began mountain biking back in 1994.
Over the decades of mountain biking, the vast amount of amazing memories that are with me from thousands of kilometers of trails ridden with scores of riders; has completely shaped my philosophy toward mountain bike instructing.
Firstly, we are all friends on the bike, we are in this together. Riding with people and discussing what it is they desire in their mountain bike progression, then riding together and breaking down each necessary maneuver in practice and drills, if necessary, with their goals in mind is a formula for success.
I have found this approach helps riders really achieve the level of control they wish to attain on their bike. As we ride together and integrate these new skills; seeing the excitement on the faces, as they begin to realize the possibilities to now branch out on new trails with their newly attained skills, gives me incredible satisfaction.
At the end of the day, this is why I instruct, as my sole goal is to help people achieve the full compliment of skills that will allow them to enjoy their own great life enhancing experiences, that come from being confident in your ability on the trails, with your friends and fellow riders.