On the morning of Wednesday August 16, 2017 Jason Brown took his own life.

Jason was known and respected by many throughout the BMX flatland world for his almost unbelievable skills, but Jason was also a very good mountain biker. I watched his mountain bike skills progress steadily throughout almost a decade of riding with him as we became friends.

What was going through his mind in the lead up to this decision, I will probably never be able to understand.
Jason was a very polarizing individual. He was often known to display selfish traits, this turned many people away from him and perhaps in the end, it was this, that ultimately drove him to the decision to take his life..
Perhaps he had driven away too many, and when he was in need of it, felt he no longer had the support of friends… Perhaps it was something else…

One thing that ALL that knew him will agree on. He was a GREAT riding, activity and hangout buddy!
I don’t think there was anybody that I rode with that got me as stoked to be on my bike out on the trails, at the dirt jumps, or in the skate park, as Jay Brown did. And that is not to take away from any of my other riding friends, as I am lucky to have many great ride buddy’s.

When you were out on your bike with Jay Brown, everything was right in the world. He would help push you to new heights in your riding. I would often find myself doing things on my bike that I did not think I could do. Jay knew though.. and he would encourage you to push a bit harder to realize it, if he really felt you could do it.
Those times we spent together on our bikes with our friends, and the great times we always had afterward, will be remembered by me for the rest of my life.

It is amazing to think of the bonds that are formed through biking. Deep friendships are formed and shared memories are burned into the minds of those that bike together, and that can never be taken away…

Jay had a massive impact on my life in the decade that I knew him.
I have never met a human being that I could be so happy to spend time with and yet, there was not another human being that could do things that could have me feeling so angry with them as Jay could, but in spite of this, I did consider him a close friend.

For those of us that knew Jay and biked and did activities with him,
let us hope that he found some peace in this decision.

And in the end…

It saddens me tremendously to know that we will not ride together, or hang out as we did afterwards, ever again.

You will be missed Jay…

one of our last rides together..
Jay in the lead position.

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