Thank you so much for teaching our family how to bike down a mountain! (Aug. 4, 2016) It was a wonderful experience we all enjoyed & hope to repeat.

God Bless,
the Turgeons
Jerrod, Tania, Matt, Grace and Drew


My son and I did a Discover Mountain biking session today {Fernie Alpine Resort} (July 19th). Just wanted to say thanks and let you know I think the instructor was great. There was quite a gap in skill level from an expert biker to myself (first timer) and my son. The instructor handled the gap in skill level and age quite well, made everyone feel welcome and part of the group and was very friendly and approachable. You could tell he had previous teaching experience.

My daughter took the same course a year (2?) ago and did not have the best experience.

So thanks!


My son, 11 years old, he did it again! Canada Cup trail!!!

Thanks to your great coach Brad, my son discovered a new passion!
louchie5 (instagram)

Brad was an excellent instructor! He boosts confidence and rides to meet everyone’s skill level. Give him a raise.
One section that hosted a race was a little washed out and slippery. Otherwise Fantastic experience!
(unknown) from a comment card

I had a GREAT private lesson with Brad. Over the course of an hour my cornering skills improved tremendously. The lesson targeted exactly what I wanted. Brad presented clear and easy to understand instruction that could immediately be put into use. He helped me break old habits and develop useful new ones. I’ll be back for another lesson this year. Thanks Brad.

Caesar Dolhaine